Sunday, January 29, 2017

Trump Fooled? School Choice is Not American
by Amy de Miceli

The world is being tossed around in manufactured turmoil. The powers that be have organized protests, there have been recounts and petitions to change the election results, and the class of followers are showing signs of mass mental illness of frightening proportions. The media is feeding their delusions, to justify their actions, while the alternative media who proudly never boarded the Trump Train are snuggled into their vacuum cheering themselves on at their intimate “I told you so" parties. It is a time of true insanity, selfishness and fear. I have not seen so much fear, and fright, since the days following 9/11. So afraid of a chance to roll back the liberal tide, to welcome a (even if it is remote) chance of making America better.  I voted for Trump, eyes open, it was a vote against the Obama administration, and their attacks on freedom and privacy, and their war on the individual, actually a war on everyone...individually. Now we wait to see if that will happen or not, had Clinton been elected, it most certainly would have continued.  Trump is someone who likes to win, and the leading political players underestimated him. First they used him, coined as a "pied piper" in the Podesta emails, thinking he would lead a percentage of patriot types out of the picture, to let off some steam. They did not account for our massive numbers.

The mission of the NWO is obvious but not flawless. They are not all seeing as they would like you to think they are, they only convince you of it to extinguish your flame.  However, they will stop at nothing to get their way, and although they do not always win, they never quit...ever.  Trump was a mistake, and as soon as it was clear that he was going to win, and a team was in place to hijack a Trump presidency, the neoconservative faction made aggressive moves to indicate they were moving forward with Trump.  It is not a drastic idea, this is easily done. It is the neocon that was the enemy of the patriot, it was the neocon who was behind 9/11 and it was the neocon that hijacked the Republican Party making it resemble the democrats, and anyone outside of the range was labeled fringe. Trump is not a neocon, but I do not think he understands the magnitude of the NWO and their plan for globalization, and the destruction of individual freedom, and their ability to use the Hegelian dialectic with such precision. He is in a precarious position currently, but that does not have to be the state of his presidency, and I do not think it will be.  The neocon faction is heavily influencing his cabinet choices and that needs to be seriously addressed.

One of Trump's disastrous picks, is Betsy DeVos to head the Department of  Education and together they are offering a very anti- American solution, School Choice. This pick has fooled almost everyone, but fortunately there are still some smart people out there, who have been railing against school choice for years, most prominently Charlotte Iserbyt and her apprentice Anita Hoge.

Charlotte Iserbyt has been the leading researcher and the expert on the subject of School Choice. She was a senior policy adviser at the Department of Education for Reagan, turned whistle-blower, turned biggest advocate for children in America in regards to education.  Charlotte has been calling out the School Choice farce for years.

Hijacked by Neo-Con-Men

Betsy DeVos’ Trump connection begins with her brother, who happens to be one very influential neo-con, Erik Prince, Founder of Blackwater. Blackwater is a mercenary group that Bush JR. used to decimate Iraq, where they murdered civilians, women and children.  Blackwater was paid 240,000 dollars per day to patrol Louisiana during Hurricane Katrina, where martial law was imposed, no citizen was allowed to be armed and this group of hired hit men made sure of it. They certainly were not there to help anyone, because no one was helped in New Orleans during those dark days of America's recent history.  Erik Prince claims that the CIA hired his private army for operations in the Middle East that kicked off the great Muslim migration that we see now. Prince had and quite possibly has, access to his own personal private army and Trump wants his sister to educate your children.

Towards the election end, Prince and a couple of other so-called inside men, came out with some very bold accusations, claiming to have had inside information from unnamed sources inside the NYPD and the FBI (NY division) that the Clintons were going down as pedophiles, based on the acquisition of Anthony Weiner’s laptop. These claims had the alternative media buzzing with these allegations that never panned out, no arrests or search warrants issued, that were dangled in front of the world. Prince and others who made these claims never had any sources, no proof, just allegations that would be the final death blow to the Clinton campaign. Trump should not trust these people, they are not interested in anything but forcing their neocon agenda on the Trump White House. They cannot be trusted, and neither can Erik Prince's sister. It is not that I doubt the Clinton’s involvement in the dark underground child kidnapping rings, it is that these "insiders" used this as blackmail to get the Clinton cabal to back off. They were making it clear that Trump will be handled, and the neo-con agenda will be moving forward and so far it seems to be working out that way.

Betsy DeVos, is a billionaire, with no education background. She is a philanthropist that has spent years trying to impose her will on the state of Michigan.  People from her home state came out immediately to blast Trump, because Betsy had been pro common core, working under Jeb Bush at his "Foundation for Excellence in Education (FEE), which led the push for the Common Core". Others, began to parrot (to nauseating levels) the meme, 'well if the unions are mad, it must be good'. This was just to keep the horrific truth from the public, this was the just the talking points to keep the real problems hidden.

Bigger than Betsy

The real problem with this Department of Education (ED) pick and the Trump plan of School Choice is that it is actually part of a communist agenda, meant to further enslave us, and churn drones out of the American school system. Apparently they would like us to believe that School Choice is the only answer to common core, and Betsy DeVos is salivating at the chance to mold children into perfect revenue bringing little slaves.

The war on the individual has been waged on the children, long ago, a big step was establishing the Department of Education. It is clear that in order to control the future, those who want control must constantly, and aggressively take control of the youth. In order to do it the parents have been sold a false idea that education is the only chance their children will have, and all they have to do is blindly trust, and follow. Put the kids in school and educate them (aka. get a large group of kids, (Baphomet’s) and indoctrinate them with the agenda that will ultimately enslave them).  Most households whether single or married cannot afford to stay home with their children, or believe that they could never “go without” so they hand their children over willingly and hope for the best.

All the same choices

What Betsy is offering Trump is a false solution to the Common Core problem.  They say this is “choice”, but what they do not tell you is that any choice you make you are brought to the same spot, right into the hands of the federal government. Your choice will be, which government funded camp you want to abandon your child too. Once you decide it is all the same as far as assessments go, and there will be assessments, including mental assessments, and if you think homeschooling will save you, oh no, they will come for you too. They will come the same way they came for you for Obamacare. The IRS. School Choice, will offer you school vouchers, and that will be issued as a tax credit, and it will be enforced through the IRS. The police unit that comes from America's biggest enemy, our greatest slave master, the Federal Reserve the Bankers. The Bankers will be in charge of the education enforcement.

Common Core’s sneaky agenda: Problem Reaction Solution

The Department of Education (ED) was upgraded to a cabinet department by Carter in 1979. In this very short period our education system has been decimated.  There is no mention of education in the constitution, that is why Ronald Reagan promised to abolish it while running against Carter, and after he won, he broke this very important campaign promise, to the detriment of America. Reagan promised something great, and instead he allowed the Outcome Based Education (OBE) system entrance into our schools. George Bush Sr. continued to hack away at us, with his Goals 2000, which promoted everything that Betsy is promoting. Choice, vouchers, charter schools, and choice, did we mention choice, because you will have a choice, see if I say choice enough, you will believe that it’s yours for the choosing and you will think you are free!

Common core was given to us in a very well planned psyop, using the Hegelian dialectic. It is painfully obvious when you just think about it. First, of all, any one in favor of a new way of teaching that promotes 5+5+5 might not always be 15, has to be an absolute moron. I am not being mean, but come on, to the people that defend common core, you were fooled, VERY easily.

Common Core was a problem, meant to be a problem, and it was meant to infuriate you, make you so mad that you reacted harshly and begin to demand a change! Yes, a powerful force, forcing the change to stop teaching kids complete baloney! As the program rolled on more and more outrage brewed, and it brewed from all sides of the aisle. Everyone could see it was idiotic. The reaction was rage, rage, big anti common core movement AND the solution, this Choice, is brought to you by UNESCO.  Had you known it was a UN run international education program, you would have scoffed at the idea. This was what Reagan chose after he reneged on his promise of abolishing the Department of Education, this is what Bush - Clinton – Bush - Obama all wanted, and this is where ED has been going since its inception. Now Trump can roll it out. Choice. Simple, served on a platter for us to lap up like fat kings, we won and we gorge on choice! 

Sorry but you choose nothing

Let us look at the CHOICE that Betsy and Trump want your kids to be given the chance to have! Well you get government public schools,  government private schools, government homeschools, and government charter schools, the front line of Choice testing grounds, where your children are the guinea pigs, these are all federally funded, therefore federally controlled, all falling (and failing) under one umbrella. The choice you have is going to be a lot like Obamacare because the choice MUST be made. These will be mandatory vouchers. They want you to homeschool, as long as you teach them the same things, keep track of homeschool students just the same way they track those inside the school building, just look at all these “cyber schools” gaining popularity. At homeschool you will be able to teach other things not allowed in the schools, but be aware, because they will be watching! Everyone will get their mental health assessments alongside the academic, and social assessments. SO MUCH CHOICE! 

What are these VOUCHERS? 

The voucher will be attached to a particular child throughout their entire education, they will be watched to see where their strengths and weaknesses are, and acceptance to a secondary school (middle and then again in high school, and for college too of course) will be completely dependent on two things, their ability, and the government’s need.  So, if your child wants to be a Veterinarian, but is not accepted into the appropriate secondary school, they most likely will not have the opportunity to fix that. Also, only jobs that are needed to be filled will be trained, so whatever your child wants to be, will only be supported if the government needs to fill that position, or not. No government training (schooling) for those who want jobs that have achieved full employment. Your child will be turned to a second or third choice, or whatever the government finds use of them (your children) for.

The government, will be working with large corporations to achieve this kind of perfection. They will be telling the government (schools) what positions they will need to fill, using all kinds of data they collect on everyone, they can guide a certain sector of  school aged children into these vacant positions.  The School Choice highest objective is to ensure a compliant workforce, and a population built for full employment.  This is a way to implement nonrepresentational government, laws and curriculum that come from the government, with no say from you the parents.

Better Dead than Red

This my friends is communism. This is the neoconservative agenda, and this is where the liberal agenda also ends, and the small battles between factions is ultimately meaningless because it has been the Carnegie foundation script since 1934. To bring America to her knees.

My take on Trump’s position maybe called out as being naive, and that is fine, but I will say that I am not naive or just hopeful, but I genuinely think these globalists are getting a kick out of hijacking Trump and they are amused by his ignorance of the depths of their plans.  Perhaps, they underestimate him, and they are overconfident, because he is a loose cannon that they mistakenly think to have under control. I do not think he knows everything that is going on around him, there is a lot of stuff swirling around him, a lot of chaos.  Reagan had the same things happening, (Mr. Hollywood and his ego, hijacked by Bush Sr.) but I think Trump has no problem changing his mind and ultimately Trump seems to do what he thinks is right. Reagan was eventually shot and then did what he was told and not what was right.  However this would not stop Trump, it would make him a hero like Kennedy has been made out to be, I doubt they want that either.


If the man that ran the MAGA campaign is implementing the School Choice system, knowing 100% what it actually is, if he has done the research himself, and still wants this "Choice", then we are screwed, then he is not just the con man they say he is, he is a psychotic human being who is finding pleasure in luring America to her demise.

Someone tell Trump that School Choice is not American, it is communism, it will be built in his name to train American children into international worker drones, no dreamers, no entrepreneurs, no control of what our children are taught, it is the opposite of everything he campaigned for, and pledged to us.  A large portion of Trump supporters will not let him off the hook by excusing his decisions while he compromises us. He will find no refuge here if he wants to decimate America like the Bushs and Clintons before him. Whoever he is, we should be keeping a close eye on him and Erik Prince's involvement in the Trump White House, remember this man controls his own army, and his sister will be taking care of your children’s education. It looks best.

The end game is about to happen as far as education is concerned. American children's minds being molded for tomorrow. Simple, plan the future through indoctrinating the youth of today. They will be prisoners of wage slavery. IF Trump is serious about putting true choice back into the hands of the parents, he would abolish the department entirely, and the states would take back control, bring it all back to a local level, where parents have a real choice and a loud voice! 

Help knock Betsy out of the running, call your Senator, and tell them to vote no on Betsy DeVos, No to School Choice, No to Common Core, and a big fat YES to Abolishing the Department of Education!

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Good Trumps Evil, Turn the Map Red

Good Trumps Evil: Turn the Map Red
By Amy de Miceli

The Main Stream Media keeps insisting that some states are solid BLUE, already in Hillary's pocket, already tallied for her! They go on and on about Trump needing these states that are leaning one way or another, in order to squeak out a victory. Really, do we believe this crap?

It is pure rhetoric, meant to make you feel defeated, before you even "pull the lever".  Just another way they rig the game.

Take a look at the electoral map history. Regan had it almost all red in 1980 and 1984!

Personally, I have never been a "vote for the lesser of two evils" type of voter, Never much of a voter! If this election was between Hillary and any of the other candidates, Cruz or Rubio or any of them, this would be just another Tuesday. That kind of election day would be meaningless, two wings of the same bird. But c'mon! Even the Amish are coming out to vote for Trump!  Trump has every chance to turn the map red, (I really hate that red has to be the color....the dems should have to have red it suits them much better).

Aside from this psychological game the establishment plays through the media, they also have their vote fraud and flipping, stealing, and fraction magic. Although I am well versed in these tragic stealing scenarios, it still seems imperative to go out and vote.

We have to represent truth, and righteousness in the voting booth, force their hand today, make them steal, lie and cheat for it. 

The Clinton Cabal has been unveiled to the world this week, shown to be drawn to darkness.  They have a covenant with some kind of evil, and they want to drag America further into their filth, poverty, debt, destruction and war.

I voted this morning, in a state that has already been dealt to Hillary but that is irrelevant to me, I am all in for making America Great Again because...

Good Trumps Evil!

Thursday, November 3, 2016

There's Something About Weiner

There's Something About Weiner
By Amy de Miceli

Hillary Clinton has steered the Presidential Election of 2016 right into the dumpster. There is the expression that you can't buy class, and Hillary is the shining example.  She is a power hungry monster at this point and has gone completely off the rails.  Each day another one of her dirty deeds catches up to her.  It is frightening to think that people are still "with her". Are they just shell shocked?

Her lapses in judgement are set in motion like a stack of firecrackers, once it gets going,  pop-pop one after the next.  Then, even before the smoke clears, she is right there, making so many excuses, each one detailing why its never her fault.  Take for example Huma Abedin and Anthony Weiner

Huma served as Hillary's deputy chief of staff while Secretary of State, and is her campaign's vice chairwoman, basically she is Hillary's top aide. Still under 40 and Huma has been Hillary's 'go-to' gal for 20 years, it is not a secret that no one is closer to Hillary than Huma. Described as her 'other daughter' by some, but many others refer to her as Hillary's girlfriend.  Judging from her Saudi ties it seems more likely that she is a spy, so anything goes I would imagine. At just 19 years old the young and beautiful Huma nestled herself inside Hillary's bubble. And until recently she hadn't budged.

POP-POP cue the Weiner.....

Hillary introduced Huma to Anthony Weiner.  Although Huma is from a devout Muslim family she eventually married this Jewish Congressman from NY.  Since their marriage, Weiner has been plagued by one sex scandal after the next. The Clinton syndicate tracked his penchant for underage girls since 2011, but they never cast him out, nor did his wife. A known pedophile within their ranks, married to Hillary's number one? This is not merely bad judgement, but a red flag, (for anyone with any morals) that he was allowed to continue to be a part of the upper echelon of the Clinton Cabal, (but this is hardly surprising for the Clintons).

Fire in the hole!

What does someone who has already been caught sending sexually explicit images of himself to underage girls, do?  Well if your wife is Huma Abedin, you get some serious "life insurance", so that when you get caught, you can either get out of jail free or take the entire Clinton faction down with you. 


Time is not on Hillary's side!  Weiner was caught sexting an underage girl just two months before election day.


While investigation into Weiner got underway with the FBI, the FBI was also investigating Hillary! The FBI was not only investigating her frivolous treatment of America's Classified (Top Secret) email communications, but ALSO the Clinton Foundation. An investigation that is described as "very high priority" for crimes of selling out the Secretary of State office, in exchange for favors for high paying donors, foreign or domestic, anyone and anything (aka pay for play).

When the FBI got a hold of Weiner's laptop, in search of child pornography, they found his 'life insurance', right there in one juicy folder. Tens, possibly hundreds, of thousands of emails and documents detailing the Clinton's nefarious business and pleasure dealings, information and devices that Hillary and Huma failed to turn over to the FBI when they were subpoenaed to do so.  I doubt Weiner put that folder there on his own. His Saudi spy wife would know that she would need some insurance as well. Not sure who thought it would be a good idea to leave it on the pedophiles computer, but they did.  I would bet that there is more than one copy, it has been alleged that there was a router installed by either Huma or Weiner that uploaded all that data to a third party. A logical guess would be to Saudi intelligence.

So now, as the dust settles from the initial blast, we hear that Huma is missing from the campaign, is it Hillary or Huma who decided to break it off?  And Weiner, the disgusting creature that may have blown Hillary right out of the water, where is he? Allegedly in a sex rehab camp. I doubt that. Take all the facts about the Clinton's habitual criminal behavior throughout the years and it would not be surprising if Weiner was actually under the protection of the FBI.  If not with the FBI, surely Weiner has gone underground, in an attempt to stay away from being wiped out by any number of people or agencies, foreign or domestic who would like to keep his mouth shut for good.  Or perhaps he is hiding from the good 'ol  Dixie Mafia, maybe they are wandering around the big city, wondering if you have seen their boy Weiner.

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

They Got The Keys

They Got The Keys
By Amy de Miceli

During the past few weeks the American people have become notably more concerned with vote fraud. Stealing and rigging of our elections has become a daily mention on the news, whether it be main stream or alternative. Since the Florida Bush/Gore debacle, with the 'hanging chad', elections have become less and less trustworthy and everyone knows it. Recently a petition to remove George Soros owned voting machines from 16 states gained 126,000 signatures (so far).

The primary organization that has been unveiling one bombshell after the next since 2003 is Black Box Voting. Founded by Bev Harris, Black Box Voting "performs nonpartisan investigative reporting and public education for elections" and they have been the main source for uncovering election fraud. Bev Harris and her organization were featured in Hacking Democracy, and made vote flipping machines common knowledge.

By any definition, Bev Harris is an expert, the expert, and her newest findings should be taken very seriously by anyone who cares about truth. In fact, if Donald Trump is really interested in winning this election, then he should have a chat with Bev Harris, yesterday.  If he does not embark on his own investigation between now and next Tuesday, it will allow them to steal this election without any trouble at all. Talk is cheap, and some actions need to be taken to stop this thievery.

Black Box Voting has blown the lid wide open this time. This new video, will leave you stunned, feeling like a fraction of yourself. I have followed Bev's work for many years, and just kept thinking, "well if its a tight race they can steal it, but a landslide no way". That was already sad enough, but now it seems that is also WRONG! During an interview on Monday, Bev summed up her latest findings in relation to the upcoming presidential election between Trump and Clinton like this, 'If Hillary remains viable, she will win, even if she loses, she wins'.

Our votes are not counted as whole votes, we have been fractionalized, it is called:

'Fraction Magic' and it is their Master Key

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Hey Buddy

We are down to the last days of the presidential race and if you turn off all of the establishment rhetoric you would have to guess that Trump will be victorious. When he is elected, Clinton voters will look pretty stupid because you would have to be mentally ill to vote for Hillary at this point.

With tens of thousands of people showing up at Trump rallies and just dozens showing up at Hillary's it has to be painfully obvious to the establishment that there are a lot of unhappy people in America. These people have been dragged through hell and see a Trump presidency as the only way back. Joblessness, homelessness and tossed from the once booming middle class, now many Americans struggle just to put food on the table. I have not heard anyone so clearly describe what attracts Americans to Trump until Michael Moore. He surprisingly gives a spot on description in an excerpt from his new movie, "Michael Moore in Trumpland".   

After describing the Trump supporter casting a vote for Trump, as the equivalent of casting a Big F*ck You to the establishment that has screwed us for far too long, Moore goes on to endorse Hillary Clinton!  And so, his answer is to take it some more.

That is the thing about these establishment shills, they count us out at every turn. Michael Moore is declaring without any mistaking it,  'YES! I am a shill and a propagandist whore for more of the same.'    

Of course besides the mentally ill, people still planning on voting for Hillary are those who mindlessly follow the (wrong kind of) stars. Hollywood stars, who love their slave owners, influence peddlers, like Justin Timberlake, and Jay Z,  Alec Baldwin, Robert Deniro and Matt Damon, they all do as they are told, like dogs they aim to please their masters.  

These highly paid entertainers have decloaked, and have laid themselves bare. When it is over people like Tom Hanks will have to deal with the repercussions of attempting to use their influence to coerce the  American people into voting for the most corrupt dishonest person ever nominated by a party.  When the dust settles will they be so smug?  

There is no stopping the Trump Train!

Monday, October 17, 2016

The Media Is A Psychopath

The Media Is A Psychopath
By Amy de Miceli 

Unless you only tune into the main stream media, you have probably heard of Wikileaks,the bright beacon shining on the dark deeds of the corrupt. Wikileaks has offered so much insight into the minds of our politicians, most recently, the Hillary Clinton base. Although we have known about the lies and corruption within government for decades, most of the public has just muddled through it all.

I began my first blog in 2005 when it had become clear to me that the media was totally controlled. There was something called an anti-war movement then, and players on both sides of the "aisle" were frightened by it. Eleven years later, and many years of research with plenty of articles written, I can now see the media beast, showing its teeth and we can all watch as it falls in on itself.  We have been given an admission of the elite's goal of global domination, and their sneaky plans to achieve it, from their own emails! They used to hide it in obscure biographies, or hide it in policy papers, places that only crazy truth seekers would find.  Now, they operate so boldly, assuming no one will see it or understand it, and even if we do take notice, they are confident that they will remain above the legal consequences. with the media clearing their names.

Today, the evidence is unraveling with help from an unlikely source, Julian Assange. Someone that I have never had much interest in, not because his information was not credible, but because of my own skepticism. In my mind, he could not be organic, therefore he must be a gate keeper or some type of controlled opposition. Maybe he is not just an average guy taking down the elite, I really do not think that matters now, because he is and has always been uncovering that which they do not want to be seen. His actions are what matter and this week he is proving to be an exceptional ally in the battle for freedom, he does so, even as he sits imprisoned inside the Ecuadorian Embassy.

 The Media and The Government..."I do!" 

These leaked emails from Wikileaks have proven how bold these self appointed reality creators are with their disregard for everyone else in the world and how easy it is for them to deceive us, and how they go out of their way to do so! Alas, what could be worse?

Well, their power team for starters. Those who will do anything for money, fame, notoriety, or those who will simply do anything for their masters. They are The NYT, WSJ, FT, and even the WAPO, HUFFPO, NYPO and all of the lovely TV people too, FOX, MSNBC, CNBC and of course CNN, all 'fair and balanced' journalists who try to win your trust.

Unfortunately, these phony journalists have no respect for the viewer, you, the believer, they think you are too stupid to not have caught on to the scam, you bore them like a psychopath bores of their target. The news, the media, the very smart bunch of people who tell you like it is, are just taking orders while reading and writing ONLY the approved scripts from the power elite.

The marriage of media to government has been painfully obvious for a long time, but it is helpful to see it in action and well documented, unable to be erased from the records and easy to share with others. The media has colluded with the government, and interfered with our election process most recently documented by Wikileaks.

This week, in John Podesta's emails, is an email from CNN contributor, Donna Brazile. She leaked questions to Clinton before a Town Hall meeting! One question posed to Hillary at the Town Hall was recited word for word as Brazile had emailed it days prior. Also released was an email from the prestigious New York Times, and they have given Hillary veto power about stories written about her. The NYT actually had to wait on word from Hillary before they could go to print....stew on that for a moment.

The Trump Problem 

According to more emails from the Wikileaks John Podesta files, when the Clinton campaign eventually realized that Trump was a problem, they had to frame him up. Without any real dirt to throw on him they decided to make some up. An email from MAY exposes the plot to paint Trump as a groping-kiss snatcher. It has been so obvious that these have been made up and exaggerated claims, almost every claim has been debunked, and now this email proves that this was all planned out by the Clinton Campaign months ago, and delivered to you by the media in the past couple of weeks.

In regards to his heavily edited "pussy" comment he apologized and has asked to move on. However, for the record, I would like to add that the media paints him as promoting sexual assault, but that is FALSE, and would be accurate ONLY when it is unwanted by a woman, but, in his comments he says:
"And when you're a star they let you do it. You can do anything.......Grab them by the pussy. You can do anything"
He was describing what he would be or has been allowed to do. I am not condoning this kind of talk, but the comments were assumed to be off the record in private, and they are not in any way able to be construed as assault, the sudden prudish nation that America became after those comments is comical. You cannot even turn on the cable news without hearing commercials about erections that may last for hours, brought to you by big pharma, but a man who likes to kiss women is suddenly taboo.

We have been demoralized as a nation a long time ago. Clinton's husband, demoralized the oval office as a sitting president, and parents had to field very uncomfortable questions about sexual behavior carried on by our president and his young intern and her stained dress. Using the psychopath playbook is a very desperate attempt to hide the real dirty deeds.

Psychopath at the Wheel 

The media machine is operating with psychopathic behavior, and they are being guided to ensure Hillary is not tarnished, projecting all the establishment's atrocious behavior onto Trump and anyone else who is against Hillary. It is Bill and Hillary that have been violating women, enabling sexual predators, and demoralizing the people for decades. They are the bullies, trying to bully anyone who denounces their dear leader Hillary, in her little Mao suits. Any truth is quickly marked as hateful lies, ignoring so many newsworthy stories, instead having hypocrites make speeches on how appalled they are. They are transparent. When you are on the psychopath's radar, you are set to always be the loser in their eyes,
"Yes, if only we had stayed compliant and brain-washed, in spite of the evidence they make certain was staring us in the face - just to test us - then all would be fine. ... No matter what you do, it's always a lose-lose situation with a psychopath and he wants you to believe you're the loser when it's really him."
This conglomerate, this class of elites, psychopaths, who run our... everything,  hate us and lie to us as easy as they breathe. Although skepticism has been built within many of us, it can be useful, as long as our discernment remains intact. Digging down the rabbit hole, can become lonely. But if you remain hungry for answers, and you keep going, when you come out the other side and realize that we are each an army of one, individuality intact, standing against this huge conglomerate, without any need to hide, because you know the truth and remain righteous, it is truly powerful.

Unfortunately for the globalists, just as they reach out for their prize, the perfect storm is brewing in their path: Wikileaks, Trump, and a powerful, awakened, public that has tired of the finger wagging from the hypocrite politicians up on the Hill, and the media who do the bidding of the New World Order.

 The media is a psychopath, lets kick their ass!