Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Hey Buddy

We are down to the last days of the presidential race and if you turn off all of the establishment rhetoric you would have to guess that Trump will be victorious. When he is elected, Clinton voters will look pretty stupid because you would have to be mentally ill to vote for Hillary at this point.

With tens of thousands of people showing up at Trump rallies and just dozens showing up at Hillary's it has to be painfully obvious to the establishment that there are a lot of unhappy people in America. These people have been dragged through hell and see a Trump presidency as the only way back. Joblessness, homelessness and tossed from the once booming middle class, now many Americans struggle just to put food on the table. I have not heard anyone so clearly describe what attracts Americans to Trump until Michael Moore. He surprisingly gives a spot on description in an excerpt from his new movie, "Michael Moore in Trumpland".   

After describing the Trump supporter casting a vote for Trump, as the equivalent of casting a Big F*ck You to the establishment that has screwed us for far too long, Moore goes on to endorse Hillary Clinton!  And so, his answer is to take it some more.

That is the thing about these establishment shills, they count us out at every turn. Michael Moore is declaring without any mistaking it,  'YES! I am a shill and a propagandist whore for more of the same.'    

Of course besides the mentally ill, people still planning on voting for Hillary are those who mindlessly follow the (wrong kind of) stars. Hollywood stars, who love their slave owners, influence peddlers, like Justin Timberlake, and Jay Z,  Alec Baldwin, Robert Deniro and Matt Damon, they all do as they are told, like dogs they aim to please their masters.  

These highly paid entertainers have decloaked, and have laid themselves bare. When it is over people like Tom Hanks will have to deal with the repercussions of attempting to use their influence to coerce the  American people into voting for the most corrupt dishonest person ever nominated by a party.  When the dust settles will they be so smug?  

There is no stopping the Trump Train!