Monday, October 17, 2016

The Media Is A Psychopath

The Media Is A Psychopath
By Amy de Miceli 

Unless you only tune into the main stream media, you have probably heard of Wikileaks,the bright beacon shining on the dark deeds of the corrupt. Wikileaks has offered so much insight into the minds of our politicians, most recently, the Hillary Clinton base. Although we have known about the lies and corruption within government for decades, most of the public has just muddled through it all.

I began my first blog in 2005 when it had become clear to me that the media was totally controlled. There was something called an anti-war movement then, and players on both sides of the "aisle" were frightened by it. Eleven years later, and many years of research with plenty of articles written, I can now see the media beast, showing its teeth and we can all watch as it falls in on itself.  We have been given an admission of the elite's goal of global domination, and their sneaky plans to achieve it, from their own emails! They used to hide it in obscure biographies, or hide it in policy papers, places that only crazy truth seekers would find.  Now, they operate so boldly, assuming no one will see it or understand it, and even if we do take notice, they are confident that they will remain above the legal consequences. with the media clearing their names.

Today, the evidence is unraveling with help from an unlikely source, Julian Assange. Someone that I have never had much interest in, not because his information was not credible, but because of my own skepticism. In my mind, he could not be organic, therefore he must be a gate keeper or some type of controlled opposition. Maybe he is not just an average guy taking down the elite, I really do not think that matters now, because he is and has always been uncovering that which they do not want to be seen. His actions are what matter and this week he is proving to be an exceptional ally in the battle for freedom, he does so, even as he sits imprisoned inside the Ecuadorian Embassy.

 The Media and The Government..."I do!" 

These leaked emails from Wikileaks have proven how bold these self appointed reality creators are with their disregard for everyone else in the world and how easy it is for them to deceive us, and how they go out of their way to do so! Alas, what could be worse?

Well, their power team for starters. Those who will do anything for money, fame, notoriety, or those who will simply do anything for their masters. They are The NYT, WSJ, FT, and even the WAPO, HUFFPO, NYPO and all of the lovely TV people too, FOX, MSNBC, CNBC and of course CNN, all 'fair and balanced' journalists who try to win your trust.

Unfortunately, these phony journalists have no respect for the viewer, you, the believer, they think you are too stupid to not have caught on to the scam, you bore them like a psychopath bores of their target. The news, the media, the very smart bunch of people who tell you like it is, are just taking orders while reading and writing ONLY the approved scripts from the power elite.

The marriage of media to government has been painfully obvious for a long time, but it is helpful to see it in action and well documented, unable to be erased from the records and easy to share with others. The media has colluded with the government, and interfered with our election process most recently documented by Wikileaks.

This week, in John Podesta's emails, is an email from CNN contributor, Donna Brazile. She leaked questions to Clinton before a Town Hall meeting! One question posed to Hillary at the Town Hall was recited word for word as Brazile had emailed it days prior. Also released was an email from the prestigious New York Times, and they have given Hillary veto power about stories written about her. The NYT actually had to wait on word from Hillary before they could go to print....stew on that for a moment.

The Trump Problem 

According to more emails from the Wikileaks John Podesta files, when the Clinton campaign eventually realized that Trump was a problem, they had to frame him up. Without any real dirt to throw on him they decided to make some up. An email from MAY exposes the plot to paint Trump as a groping-kiss snatcher. It has been so obvious that these have been made up and exaggerated claims, almost every claim has been debunked, and now this email proves that this was all planned out by the Clinton Campaign months ago, and delivered to you by the media in the past couple of weeks.

In regards to his heavily edited "pussy" comment he apologized and has asked to move on. However, for the record, I would like to add that the media paints him as promoting sexual assault, but that is FALSE, and would be accurate ONLY when it is unwanted by a woman, but, in his comments he says:
"And when you're a star they let you do it. You can do anything.......Grab them by the pussy. You can do anything"
He was describing what he would be or has been allowed to do. I am not condoning this kind of talk, but the comments were assumed to be off the record in private, and they are not in any way able to be construed as assault, the sudden prudish nation that America became after those comments is comical. You cannot even turn on the cable news without hearing commercials about erections that may last for hours, brought to you by big pharma, but a man who likes to kiss women is suddenly taboo.

We have been demoralized as a nation a long time ago. Clinton's husband, demoralized the oval office as a sitting president, and parents had to field very uncomfortable questions about sexual behavior carried on by our president and his young intern and her stained dress. Using the psychopath playbook is a very desperate attempt to hide the real dirty deeds.

Psychopath at the Wheel 

The media machine is operating with psychopathic behavior, and they are being guided to ensure Hillary is not tarnished, projecting all the establishment's atrocious behavior onto Trump and anyone else who is against Hillary. It is Bill and Hillary that have been violating women, enabling sexual predators, and demoralizing the people for decades. They are the bullies, trying to bully anyone who denounces their dear leader Hillary, in her little Mao suits. Any truth is quickly marked as hateful lies, ignoring so many newsworthy stories, instead having hypocrites make speeches on how appalled they are. They are transparent. When you are on the psychopath's radar, you are set to always be the loser in their eyes,
"Yes, if only we had stayed compliant and brain-washed, in spite of the evidence they make certain was staring us in the face - just to test us - then all would be fine. ... No matter what you do, it's always a lose-lose situation with a psychopath and he wants you to believe you're the loser when it's really him."
This conglomerate, this class of elites, psychopaths, who run our... everything,  hate us and lie to us as easy as they breathe. Although skepticism has been built within many of us, it can be useful, as long as our discernment remains intact. Digging down the rabbit hole, can become lonely. But if you remain hungry for answers, and you keep going, when you come out the other side and realize that we are each an army of one, individuality intact, standing against this huge conglomerate, without any need to hide, because you know the truth and remain righteous, it is truly powerful.

Unfortunately for the globalists, just as they reach out for their prize, the perfect storm is brewing in their path: Wikileaks, Trump, and a powerful, awakened, public that has tired of the finger wagging from the hypocrite politicians up on the Hill, and the media who do the bidding of the New World Order.

 The media is a psychopath, lets kick their ass!