Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Good Trumps Evil, Turn the Map Red

Good Trumps Evil: Turn the Map Red
By Amy de Miceli

The Main Stream Media keeps insisting that some states are solid BLUE, already in Hillary's pocket, already tallied for her! They go on and on about Trump needing these states that are leaning one way or another, in order to squeak out a victory. Really, do we believe this crap?

It is pure rhetoric, meant to make you feel defeated, before you even "pull the lever".  Just another way they rig the game.

Take a look at the electoral map history. Regan had it almost all red in 1980 and 1984!

Personally, I have never been a "vote for the lesser of two evils" type of voter, Never much of a voter! If this election was between Hillary and any of the other candidates, Cruz or Rubio or any of them, this would be just another Tuesday. That kind of election day would be meaningless, two wings of the same bird. But c'mon! Even the Amish are coming out to vote for Trump!  Trump has every chance to turn the map red, (I really hate that red has to be the color....the dems should have to have red it suits them much better).

Aside from this psychological game the establishment plays through the media, they also have their vote fraud and flipping, stealing, and fraction magic. Although I am well versed in these tragic stealing scenarios, it still seems imperative to go out and vote.

We have to represent truth, and righteousness in the voting booth, force their hand today, make them steal, lie and cheat for it. 

The Clinton Cabal has been unveiled to the world this week, shown to be drawn to darkness.  They have a covenant with some kind of evil, and they want to drag America further into their filth, poverty, debt, destruction and war.

I voted this morning, in a state that has already been dealt to Hillary but that is irrelevant to me, I am all in for making America Great Again because...

Good Trumps Evil!