Thursday, November 3, 2016

There's Something About Weiner

There's Something About Weiner
By Amy de Miceli

Hillary Clinton has steered the Presidential Election of 2016 right into the dumpster. There is the expression that you can't buy class, and Hillary is the shining example.  She is a power hungry monster at this point and has gone completely off the rails.  Each day another one of her dirty deeds catches up to her.  It is frightening to think that people are still "with her". Are they just shell shocked?

Her lapses in judgement are set in motion like a stack of firecrackers, once it gets going,  pop-pop one after the next.  Then, even before the smoke clears, she is right there, making so many excuses, each one detailing why its never her fault.  Take for example Huma Abedin and Anthony Weiner

Huma served as Hillary's deputy chief of staff while Secretary of State, and is her campaign's vice chairwoman, basically she is Hillary's top aide. Still under 40 and Huma has been Hillary's 'go-to' gal for 20 years, it is not a secret that no one is closer to Hillary than Huma. Described as her 'other daughter' by some, but many others refer to her as Hillary's girlfriend.  Judging from her Saudi ties it seems more likely that she is a spy, so anything goes I would imagine. At just 19 years old the young and beautiful Huma nestled herself inside Hillary's bubble. And until recently she hadn't budged.

POP-POP cue the Weiner.....

Hillary introduced Huma to Anthony Weiner.  Although Huma is from a devout Muslim family she eventually married this Jewish Congressman from NY.  Since their marriage, Weiner has been plagued by one sex scandal after the next. The Clinton syndicate tracked his penchant for underage girls since 2011, but they never cast him out, nor did his wife. A known pedophile within their ranks, married to Hillary's number one? This is not merely bad judgement, but a red flag, (for anyone with any morals) that he was allowed to continue to be a part of the upper echelon of the Clinton Cabal, (but this is hardly surprising for the Clintons).

Fire in the hole!

What does someone who has already been caught sending sexually explicit images of himself to underage girls, do?  Well if your wife is Huma Abedin, you get some serious "life insurance", so that when you get caught, you can either get out of jail free or take the entire Clinton faction down with you. 


Time is not on Hillary's side!  Weiner was caught sexting an underage girl just two months before election day.


While investigation into Weiner got underway with the FBI, the FBI was also investigating Hillary! The FBI was not only investigating her frivolous treatment of America's Classified (Top Secret) email communications, but ALSO the Clinton Foundation. An investigation that is described as "very high priority" for crimes of selling out the Secretary of State office, in exchange for favors for high paying donors, foreign or domestic, anyone and anything (aka pay for play).

When the FBI got a hold of Weiner's laptop, in search of child pornography, they found his 'life insurance', right there in one juicy folder. Tens, possibly hundreds, of thousands of emails and documents detailing the Clinton's nefarious business and pleasure dealings, information and devices that Hillary and Huma failed to turn over to the FBI when they were subpoenaed to do so.  I doubt Weiner put that folder there on his own. His Saudi spy wife would know that she would need some insurance as well. Not sure who thought it would be a good idea to leave it on the pedophiles computer, but they did.  I would bet that there is more than one copy, it has been alleged that there was a router installed by either Huma or Weiner that uploaded all that data to a third party. A logical guess would be to Saudi intelligence.

So now, as the dust settles from the initial blast, we hear that Huma is missing from the campaign, is it Hillary or Huma who decided to break it off?  And Weiner, the disgusting creature that may have blown Hillary right out of the water, where is he? Allegedly in a sex rehab camp. I doubt that. Take all the facts about the Clinton's habitual criminal behavior throughout the years and it would not be surprising if Weiner was actually under the protection of the FBI.  If not with the FBI, surely Weiner has gone underground, in an attempt to stay away from being wiped out by any number of people or agencies, foreign or domestic who would like to keep his mouth shut for good.  Or perhaps he is hiding from the good 'ol  Dixie Mafia, maybe they are wandering around the big city, wondering if you have seen their boy Weiner.