Tuesday, November 1, 2016

They Got The Keys

They Got The Keys
By Amy de Miceli

During the past few weeks the American people have become notably more concerned with vote fraud. Stealing and rigging of our elections has become a daily mention on the news, whether it be main stream or alternative. Since the Florida Bush/Gore debacle, with the 'hanging chad', elections have become less and less trustworthy and everyone knows it. Recently a petition to remove George Soros owned voting machines from 16 states gained 126,000 signatures (so far).

The primary organization that has been unveiling one bombshell after the next since 2003 is Black Box Voting. Founded by Bev Harris, Black Box Voting "performs nonpartisan investigative reporting and public education for elections" and they have been the main source for uncovering election fraud. Bev Harris and her organization were featured in Hacking Democracy, and made vote flipping machines common knowledge.

By any definition, Bev Harris is an expert, the expert, and her newest findings should be taken very seriously by anyone who cares about truth. In fact, if Donald Trump is really interested in winning this election, then he should have a chat with Bev Harris, yesterday.  If he does not embark on his own investigation between now and next Tuesday, it will allow them to steal this election without any trouble at all. Talk is cheap, and some actions need to be taken to stop this thievery.

Black Box Voting has blown the lid wide open this time. This new video, will leave you stunned, feeling like a fraction of yourself. I have followed Bev's work for many years, and just kept thinking, "well if its a tight race they can steal it, but a landslide no way". That was already sad enough, but now it seems that is also WRONG! During an interview on Monday, Bev summed up her latest findings in relation to the upcoming presidential election between Trump and Clinton like this, 'If Hillary remains viable, she will win, even if she loses, she wins'.

Our votes are not counted as whole votes, we have been fractionalized, it is called:

'Fraction Magic' and it is their Master Key